Joseph Laoutaris, my grandfather, is a passionate and eccentric artist who dedicated his life to painting in isolation. Critically acclaimed in the 50s, Victor Musgrave invited him to exhibit at Gallery One, while Lillian Browse offered him a one-man show at the prestigious Rowland, Browse and Delbanco Gallery in London.

Further invitations followed, most notably from Bryan Robertson while he was director of the Whitechapel Gallery. However, deeply uncomfortable in the company of other people- and in rejection of emergent artistic trends- he shunned all opportunities to promote his work. Instead he lived as a hermit; working tirelessly from within his London apartment.    

Indeed, my grandfather cared not for fame, money nor approval. Instead he opted to refine his technique, alone and in secret, while being supported by my grandmother, who sadly took her own life 17 years ago. My grandmother had always hoped he would gain some recognition for his talents. Now nearing the end of his life, this has come to haunt him. To this day he continues to paint every day unabated by the life choices he has come to regret- but he now finds solace in the thought that someday his work might be enjoyed by the public.

This website is part of a project to help my grandfather get the recognition he deserves.