Finding a Photographer & Technology Problems

I'm hoping to get some of his work professionally photographed soon. Figured the renowned critics would be more inclined to take this seriously with accompanying snaps. Although again, not really sure where to start, how to track down a suitable photographer, or what sort of budget i'll need for this side of things. Dont want to skimp and end up with pics that dont do his work justice, but at the same time i also dont want to blow a needlessly large portion of my budget.

Finding this all to be incredibly tough. Took a month out to visit family and the girlfriend in Berlin. Now back in London to try and figure out the next steps. Suffering a bit of a crisis of confidence in my ability to actually do this, with new barriers springing up all the time. Accidentally deleted a bunch of recordings i hadnt sifted through yet due to mixing up folder labels. Really frustrating. I dont even know which conversations have been lost yet.

I have borrowed my girlfriend's phone for the month so i could make some placeholder videos of his flat to edit over our conversations. Only apparently i needed to download and install something called Zune to actually get this footage off the phone. Frustrating. I only have dongle internet here and so had to go out and buy usb sticks and then find an internet cafe to get this programme. Get back to the flat and after installing apparently it needs an update to work, which took me 6 hours to download wtih my overpriced, crappy connection. Finally got that side sorted and still can't figure out how to get the videos off. I have trouble enough operating a smartphone, let alone figuring out how to use all these programmes. Every step i take throws up a bunch of jargon and terminology i have to google, and every webpage i have to load in pursuit of answers takes a good few minutes to load, and often ends up throwing up more questions that it answers. Hoping i haven't set myself too much of a task with the video side of things.