Lowering Hopes/Expectations

Think i might have to start calling it a small promo film rather than a documentary. I've never filmed, edited, or compiled any sort of creative project of this nature before, so i might need to lower my expectations a bit. I'm a bit of a luddite, so just getting to grips with bits of software and all the jargon they use is really frustrating. But progress was definitely made last night. After many hours of tinkering, i finally managed to get audio and video imported, as the latter had been really problematic up until now due to some format problems and some annoying tickbox being unchecked.

Was up until the early hours this morning transcribing the recordings i have. Think i have about two thirds of them left to do, although there's a fair chance many of the latter ones wont be useful due to background noise of the refrigerator humming loudly. Was interesting though- my grandfather is always dropping obscure and lengthy quotes i've never heard before during our conversations. I'd presumed these weren't entirely accurate, not least because he sometimes accompanies said quote with a factoid about the year he heard/read it, but last night i put a few of them to Google and was surprised that on every occasion i did this he'd memorised them word for word.

The plan today is to make notes on another 4 hours of recordings minimum, which should set me on course for having them all done within the next couple of days. Of course, more may be done, but at least with up to date notes i should have a better idea of how i need to be steering future conversations. Already i'm starting to get a better idea of which snippets of conversation would be suitable to open with.

Another thing i want to get done is to get those first few placeholder video shots again. I did a few yesterday, but the camera-phone i'm using gave a very shaky picture. I figure this is because it's so light, so i'd like to find a way of attaching it to something so the picture is more stable.