Newspaper Pitch

Spent the last day and a half working on a pitch for newspapers/magazines. Thought i'd done a good job, but sent it to a friend, who i believe used to be deputy editor of the Telegraph's arts section bit, and she had a lot of fault to find (fortunately structural stuff and a lack of clarity, not the project itself). I have a lot of re-working to do, in addition to sourcing lots of background info on any editors i approach.

She also suggested i pitch it to a literary agent as a memoir. I hadn't thought of this. I might work on that tomorrow. Again, not sure where to start. I've hardly ever read books, and i've never read a memoir in my life. Got no idea who would even be suitable. Would be very surprised if anyone was interested in publishing the life story of someone not in any way famous or known. But maybe worth a try.

I am finding this a bit draining at times. I'm a very disorganised person, and it's hard to structure my day and remain focused. I have so many thoughts and ideas, but trying to address them in the right order is rather stressful. It's also a bit depressing. My grandfather is a very negative person, and is often upset or angry about something.