Organisational Problems

I dont have MS Office or anything similar on my comp so have been trying to find some structure to my day by documenting tasks in an email, sending it to myself, then replying the next day and adding to it, though the email is far too long and cluttered already. It's certainly not the best way of doing things, but i guess it'll have to do. Really must get some structure to the folders on my desktop. I'm getting flustered far too often, which inevitably leads to mental paralysis.

Updating this diary has been kind of useful so far. It helps me focus, which isn't something that comes naturally to me. Telling people what i plan on doing adds a bit of pressure to actually deliver, which i probably need. That said, of all the things i am shit at, of which there are a lot of things, organising myself has always been the thing i struggle with most, and with this i've never had so many micro-goals to coordinate. Going to be so disappointed in myself if this doesn't live up to expectations.