Video Problems

Ive been having trouble deciding upon a video length. I'll have a better idea once i start trying to stitch together the visual side, which i might struggle with. I've got ideas of what i want to do but i'm not sure how well i can execute them.

I've got hours of audio to use but i'd certainly have trouble getting enough video to match it with. A lot will depend on whether he consents to being filmed. If so, i can make it longer, if not then i might have to make it 10-15 mins tops.

Got a little tripod thing. Spent most of the day up until now getting various bits of video to edit, but i've possibly encountered a big problem. My computer can't handle video on top of audio. Sound quality breaks down, there's lots of clicks, and sometimes it just completely freezes. I can't edit like this.

Not sure what to do from here.

If this is a graphics card thing then that really screws up my plans. No way can i afford an upgrade. The bulk of my cash needs to be set aside for renting wallspace, having paintings photographed and affording food in this ridiculously overpriced city.

And neither can i work with the computer stuttering this much. As i don't know the software, stitching all this together is very much a trial and error process, and right not i can't even tell editorial errors from my computer fucking up.

I could ditch the video side altogether but a soundcloud upload is hardly inspiring, let alone promotional. Perhaps it'd be a waste of time completely, but i guess i could try pitching the idea to radio 4 and devote the rest of my time to making sure the audio runs smoothly.

I'm using Reaper. Not sure what resolution the video is at. I'm filming on a Nokia Lumia phone. I'll send my girlfriend a message and ask what model and i could find out the resolution from there.

I could try editing the video without audio, but so much of making it work is seeing them running together. Trial and error needs to be small steps. Not sure how feasible it'd be to produce something remotely watchable by overlapping 20 mins of sound over 20 mins of video and then going back to make changes.