Awaiting the photographer

Photographer's coming on Monday. Can't overstate how excited i am. Been trying to clear space all day. I have honestly never seen so much dust in my life. I can barely wipe an inch of any surface before i have to rinse the cloth. It's a lot more work than i'd anticipated. Tomorrow a friend will stop by to help me carry furniture out of the room, and then we're all set.

Have been feeling quite emotional about everything today. Firstly my mum keeps saying how proud she is that i'm doing this. It's always nice to hear things like this from a parent, and the tone in her voice shows she really means it. I hadn't realised that my grandmother had tried and failed on a few occasions to organise something similar, so it feels great to have made this progress. Secondly, and for the first time, my grandfather sat me down and said he was incredibly touched by my efforts, and that it really means a lot to him. I've never heard him say anything like this before. Never. Nothing even remotely similar. He's so distant and introvert that i don't think he finds it easy to show emotion for anything but his paintings. It's left me suppressing the slight urge to cry.

Photographer tells me it'll be a couple of weeks until the photos are ready. At which point i'll have something to share.

I find it interesting to talk with him about which works he is most proud of. I don't really get his taste myself. Make no mistake, i think he's done some wonderful paintings, but my favourites are not the same as his, and the paintings he likes most are often the one's i'm least fond of. As i said before, he has a very idiosyncratic palette (one of his favourite paintings is pink, brown and green), and he likes things to be very matt and flat. Anyway... you can see for yourselves in a couple of weeks.