Film problems. Photography booked

Haven't been able to progress much recently. Looks like the minifilm plans are indefinitely postponed, perhaps even cancelled. I have nothing to film. My grandfather is is adamant he won't be videoed, and so i don't have the content to fill 10 of film, let alone 30. This is a bit disappointing as i'd invested a lot of time and effort into it, but at the same time these were good conversations to have anyway, and so to have a record of them will i'm sure prove priceless to the family when he dies. I am still hoping to find some use for them, however, and so perhaps i can integrate these audio snippets onto the website if/when that gets made.

Photographer is booked for 3 weeks time. So not long after that i should have some pictures to put up here. I'm a bit apprehensive about it all. My grandfather is quite distressed at the thought of someone coming here, and he keeps finding new problems and reasons to get worked up. I'm a bit worried he'll shut the idea down the night before or something, and that can't be allowed to happen as i would have paid a deposit by this point. He really has to step out from his comfort zone on this occasion. Without photographs there is no hope of me persuading any gallery to exhibit his work, and if he dies without these plans in place the accomplishments of his life will be left to rot in storage or be sold on the cheap. It would be tragic for nobody to see his work or hear his story, and nobody in the family can accommodate the contents of his apartment.

I also need to find someone to assist me with moving furniture and paintings around during the shoot, which is again problematic as it's scheduled for Monday and Tuesday and everyone i know in London works a full time job.