Photography not as successful as id hoped

This has been full of ups and downs. Feeling a tiny bit deflated again. Was just speaking to him downstairs about the photoshoot. Every now and then he'd point to a picture and ask 'did you get that one done?'. Every time the answer was no, i didn't. It's incredibly unlucky. I'd guess we managed to get a good 70-80% of his work photographed, but as he wouldn't tell me which ones he most wanted photographed i had to make the judgement myself. But it seems my judgement overlooked all bar 2 of the handful of paintings he most wanted copies of. It's his fault really for not telling me, but coupled with the fact i wasn't allowed to photograph many of my favourites too it's starting to feel a bit like a missed opportunity. I doubt i'll get another one while he's alive.

Just got an email from the photographer. She's sent me thumbnails of all the work done. I guess i could post a few of them now, but i'm inclined to wait a few weeks until the final copies are colour-adjusted and readied. The overview she's sent me makes them all look a lot lot brighter than they do by my eye, so hopefully she'll fix this. Then again, this might be a product of viewing them on a monitor, which naturally illuminates them and doesn't communicate the matt finish he's so keen on. This is a tiny bit problematic as it means i won't be able to send samples via email if i want curators to have an accurate impression of how his work looks. Insead i'll have to send small giclee prints via post, which will be very expensive, but perhaps i can secure some sort of discount.