Still awaiting photography results

So i should be getting the pictures back any day now.

Been continuing to work on compiling lists of people to contact. Made some surprising progress on this front. I consulted several 'top 100' lists of influential figures in the art world, and took more detailed notes of anyone with a presence in London. I then wrote to their HR department saying i needed a postal address to ensure *insert important art person* received a delivery of prints by post, and most of them wrote back to confirm which address i should use.

I now have a list 10 people whom i will send packages to, and have finished the custom letters each will receive. I can broaden this number if or when they dont get back to me, but i thought 10 people would be a good number to start with, not least because each package will set me back around 60 quid and funds are getting tight.

I'd previously thought each letter would be accompanied by a CD with a 15-20 minute extract of my conversations with him, and 5 small, high quality prints to showcase his work. But having looked into the costs, it would be equally cost-effective for me to send them a book instead. I can get a hardback portfolio published for around the same price. The image quality wouldnt be as good (although im told the pictures would still be sharp), but then i could also include much more content. The question is really what looks most professional and classy.

One benefit of going with prints is that they are more visible and accessible. A book can be opened, closed and forgotten. I imagine a smaller selection of prints might coerce them to give each one a bit more attention.

I really cant decide.