Successfully completed 3 days of photography

That was a very stressful 3 days, and i'm relieved to have all the photography done now. I think it went really well, and i'm super excited to see the results in a few weeks. The photographer was really professional, and she seemed to quite like his work too. Shame i have to wait so long for the copies. Feeling exhausted now. Taking all the paintings down, carefully removing them from their frames, then putting them all back again was incredibly tiring. Clearing the room wasn't easy, and putting it all back together was even harder as i had no help. I still have a lot to do.

I really enjoyed seeing all his work in one place. Photographing each piece one at a time gave me the chance to look at them all carefully. Before the photography, i would have said i liked his largest paintings most, but i now have a greater appreciation of his smaller works. In the end we managed to get almost all of his paintings photographed, covering the full spectrum of his development as an artist. I'm very pleased to have found and photographed some of his early sketches. I think there's a tendency to sometimes assume someone who paints abstract is only doing so because they can't paint or draw representationally. Having a record of his early sketches proves that isn't the case for him.

There were a couple of small downsides, however. We made much quicker progress than i'd anticipated after the first day of photography, so on Monday night i had a scout around the flat to look for additional pieces to make good use of the time. In one of his workrooms i found a stack of maybe 10 paintings i really liked, but i thought i should check with my granddad first that he was okay with me photographing these. I kind of wish i hadn't asked, as he said no, definitely not, because those were works he was thinking of destroying. I'm gutted about this, because i really liked them (more than i like most of his work) and would like to have had copies made. I'm not sure if he understands tastes can vary, or perhaps he simply doesn't care.