Working on promo packages

So i'm now cracking on with expanding my list of potentially influential people to contact. For each of these people i will compile a package which will comprise of around 3-5 small prints of my grandfather's work, a letter outlining his story and my plans, and a CD with the audio recordings i have edited. Each package will be tailored to the recipient, once i've built up a picture of their artistic preferences and background. Ideally i'd like to hand this package to them in person to ensure it isn't lost amongst all the junkmail they likely receive, but i doubt this will be easy. Anyway, i'm starting at the top- with the most prestigious institutions- and working my way down. So emails and recordings have already been drafted for the curators of the Whitechapel Gallery, the Hayward Gallery, and the Royal Academy of Arts. I know the chances of having any success with these places is virtually zero, but i figured it's surely worth trying, just in case i'm incredibly lucky.

Another angle i'm interested in exploring is making contact with wealthy collectors. The Greek billionaire Philip Niarchos, for example. He's very big on art- especially anything of Greek heritage- but i have no idea how to post something vaguely in his direction. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions i'd be interested to hear them.