Post is superior to email

I had been thinking about emailing contacts instead of writing to them, but there are a couple of reasons why im still favouring the very expensive option. Firstly, my grandfather's work doesnt translate especially well on screen. The composition really needs to be as perfect as possible, and every screen will show his work looking slightly different. He also really likes to paint matt- almost dulled/muted- and a backlit screen means they never look quite as they ought to.

Secondly, i really need to maximise my chances of success when contacting these influential figures, so spending an extra 50 for sake of a 5% increased chance of catching each person's interest is totally worth it, from my point of view.
However good they look on screen, i can't imagine it comparing to physically holding an A4 high def, high quality giclee print. Not only will it be a superior representation of how his work looks, but it's much harder to ignore. A link or email attachment can be opened, closed and forgotten, while a print of this quality commands a lot more attention and will be hard to throw away.