Another photography session booked

I've been editing bits of film to overlay with my audio documentary thing and, although i used a tripod, the footage almost seems to vibrate. It's not blurred or anything like that, but there is a slight but noticeable movement that persists throughout much of the footage. If this is a problem then i'll have to re-film everything i've done thus far. This wouldnt be the end of the world, but it's a bit of an inconvenience when i've only got a little over a week to do it all.

My dad's also lent me his camera. So i have the possibility of filming at a higher resolution if i can figure out how to use it. But this too would involve filming everything again, as i suspect alternating shots filmed on different bits of equipment would look a bit weird.

Anyway, have another two days booked with the photographer a week on Monday. Hoping to get the last paintings photographed. Going to have a somewhat stressful commute to London over the weekend as i have to carry all the paintings we have in Devon to Granddad's flat.

Granddad's been very cooperative about having the photographer visit this time. I think he was so impressed with the book of his work- which i have now seen, held and looked through, and it's great- that he's actually quite looking forward to see the results.