Back in Berlin, struggling to progress

I have no idea what im doing anymore. There hasnt been much i can do while im in Berlin. I dont have my computer out here, so i cant edit videos or anything like that. I also cant get it shipped over here, as i have no stable place to keep it while im unemployed. Im also having a lot of trouble finding work.

I had hoped to have some money saved by now, but im actually quite a bit poorer than when i arrived. Raising money through Kickstarter is still a possibility, although all the successful initiatives i saw on the site were accompanied by a very slick video, which isnt easy for me to make.

Having no direction is very disheartening. I have tried to set aside a little time each week to write to journalists and get some statements of interest, but so far nobody has even written back. I must admit to being a bit surprised by this. I had anticipated this aspect of promotion being rather easy. I have yet to send out the high quality prints, but tbh right now im not feeling awfully confident that this wouldnt just be a massive waste of money.

Dont know where to go from here. I dont see how i could complete the project or take it forwards while stationed away from London, but i also dont know how or when i will be able to go back. Unfortunately my mum told Granddad that my staying with him had put a big strain on my relationship with my girlfriend, so now he doesnt want me to come and stay again. There's a good chance any future visits will have to be fleeting.

So yea, bit of a mess. For sure im not giving up, but im also feeling rather lost. On the plus side at least things with my relationship are looking up.