First response!

So i finally got one response.

"I am writing to thank you for your letter and for sending along the book of your grandfather's work along with the DVD documentary of his life. It saddens me greatly to hear that he has gone unnoticed as i believe all art is meant to be recognised and made visible. It is great of you to promote his work and i appreciate the opportunity to view examples of his paintings.

I have shared your letter and the accompanying book and DVD with our department of painting and sculpture. Should they express further interest they will be in contact with you directly With best wishes [hand signature of one of the most influential museum directors in the world today]"

So... im happy with this. He didnt say he liked the work, nor that he watched the documentary. But to get a letter response from a tier 1 recipient is good news in itself. Plus i guess the fact he wrote back is some acknowledgment of the quality of Granddad's work. Im also pleased that the response i got was not some generic template. That said, Im not that optimistic that the paintings department will show too strong an interest, as the museum in question is based in America, but i guess you never know. tbh i wasnt expecting any of the tier 1 recipients to even get back to me, so feeling good.

Im thinking of getting some more books printed when i get my pay packet. I sent out 23 or 24, but this is probably something that needs to be sent out in higher volume if im to get a really positive reaction.