Gallery Man visits Granddad's apartment

Today I met with the Important Man from Big Gallery. He came to visit Granddad in person and see the work at his flat. Unfortunately, being neurotic as he is, Granddad had a minor breakdown over meeting someone new this morning and decided he no longer wanted to do any of this. So the meeting had to go ahead without Granddad, and he escaped the flat shortly before Gallery Man arrived.

The meeting went really well, i thought. Looking at each painting in detail, it was clear he really liked the work and the story behind it. He offered lots of feedback on everything- not just the art but also what i had done with the books and the film, which he watched several times. He clearly has a lot of contacts and can really make things happen. He mentioned that the Big Gallery he works for probably wouldnt be interested at this stage, as they only work with the famous and established, but he also mentioned that he is leaving Big Gallery in September to work on his own projects, which will primarily involve established artists, but he's very interested in the potential of my grandfather's work nonetheless. He had two suggestions for galleries which he thought would be suitable for my grandfather's first exhibition in 50 years. They are quite well known, so im really happy with that.

Anyway, the next stage is that he's going approach the directors and chief curator of the two galleries he thought would be interested, show them the work and my film, and see if it's possible for us all to work together. Then he'll get back to me with a breakdown of what needs to be done to make this work. Until then, he wants me to carry on recording my conversations with Gdad (something i havent done for ages), and try to get a record of every aspect of his life.

So it's taken a while but im really happy with the direction this seems to be heading.