Granddad is thrilled

So I wrote a little more the gallery man. I told him it could probably be arranged for him to see Granddad's work at the flat, but that i would have to speak with him first to make sure he was okay with it. He suggested we speak on the phone next week and gave me his number. He also offered to call me at a time of my choosing. He also said he will be in Berlin at the end of the month so we can meet there if it's more convenient for me than coming to London. He sounds keen, which is great.

And so my mum was tasked with the news of telling Granddad. I was glad this was her job and not mine. I was expecting him to be quietly pleased, but perhaps also a bit agitated at the prospect of meeting new people. You can never be sure how he's going to react. I guess i was cautiously optimistic. However, I am overjoyed to now report that Mum said he was absolutely thrilled, overwhelmed and astounded. She said he was quite emotional at my efforts, and deeply touched. He said he cannot thank me enough, and his voice apparently broke while saying all this. He repeated how much it would have made to Grandma.

I read all this over FB while at work, and had to go into the toilets to have a little cry. You have to keep in mind this is someone who- while ive seen him laugh many times- i have never seen really happy, and i guess i still havent as i wasnt there to witness his reaction, but just to read about it was great. Gave me butterflies in my stomach. This was a couple of hours ago and i feel a bit emotional again just typing this up.

Hopefully this now goes somewhere. would be a disaster were this man to come visit and then lost interest. But for now optimistic