Granddad's birthday present

I am thrilled. Granddad received his birthday present today. It was a book with reproductions of all his work (no words, only pictures). No expense was spared. It had the highest quality paper, a hardback cover, and the best stitching available. It weighed in at a reassuring 1.3 kilos, and looked very professional. I was very nervous about how he'd feel. He is the hardest person in the world to please. He knew i had a present for him, and knowing how he is, no doubt he too was nervous about how he could possibly pretend he liked whatever disappointing crap id purchased.

But according to mum he was the happiest he's sounded. He was amazed at the sharpness of the pictures, delighted with the production quality, and deeply touched at the effort i had gone to. He said he couldnt imagine a better present, and that it was like seeing all his work for the first time again. This in turn filled him with ideas and inspiration about how he could progress with his work. I am buzzing.

The fact he's so thrilled with the results means I can likely make another stay in England soon and get the rest of his work photographed. Can't remember if i mentioned this previously, but there were some problems with my mum making the mistake of telling him that my being away from Germany had put a strain on my relationship. This in turn made him quite uncooperative with my future plans, but i think the success of this book should soften his resistance.

The only downer is that the book cost me close to £95 to print, and that's without all the extra pages of text the finished book would have. There's no way i could ask for close to £100 for a book when this kickstarter thing gets finished. Nobody would buy into that. Of course, i could get a discount with a large number of orders, but then i'd have to dramatically raise my target and risk missing it altogether. Either way, i really dont want to compromise on the quality of the materials, so it looks like i will have to subsidise the book's production, and may even lose money for every copy sold unless i reach my high end targets.

Fortunately it seems I can get an advance on what would have been my inheritance from him, and i can plough that back into the print costs, and also toward the next photoshoot, which i'm hoping to schedule for next month. I'm really pleased to hear this as my return to Germany- where i'd hoped to save a few thousand over the summer- hasn't gone as planned at all.

Next week i'm resuming work on the minifilm thing, which may just form part of the kickstarter video if it's not looking promising. I made a new friend who works in video editing and he will help me to stitch together the many fragments of auido and video i have accumulated.