In contact with Gallery Man

not been in any meaningful contact with the man who expressed a meaningful interest since last week. Last Friday he wrote to me again. He said he watched my short film for a second time and said he found it very poignant and well made (this pleased me so much). He then added a couple of comments which related to the content within (presumably to demonstrate that he had watched it to the end), and then detailed an anecdote of his own which was somewhat relevant to Granddad's artistic tastes.

At the end he said "do lets speak over the weekend or early next week". So i suggested a time for us to speak, but he didnt respond. So i sent him my number, and again he didnt respond. Then on Monday he said 9 30 UK time would be good for him as he is busy during the afternoons and weekends. I wrote back asking if i should call him, or should i wait for his call, but again he didnt write back.

I dont want to call at a bad time when he is unable to speak, but i equally dont want him to think im not interested because i havent phoned him yet. Guess im not really sure what to do. Im trying to tread as carefully as possible, but this might result in me overthinking minor details.

Ive been getting a bit stressed at the thought that i might have told Granddad about all this too soon. I should have waited until he had given me a firm statement indicating he wants to see the work in person. As it stands he could still lose interest, and then someone would have to break the news to Granddad, who really dropped his guard in expressing his happiness and gratitude that someone had organised all this.