I'm totally torn on kickstarter. I could imagine it raising the cash i need, which would obviously be very helpful, but it also raises a few problems and concerns.

I think my granddad would be really unsettled by it all. He wont know what kickstarter is, but if i imagine myself trying to explain it to him i can see him having a minibreakdown. Then again, he did say i could do what i wanted in trying to ensure his paintings are looked after, only that he didnt want to know the details, so perhaps i dont even have to tell him. It's a tough call.

There are other worries. What if i pledge to complete a book and documentary, but for some reason i am unable to deliver these promises? He could die sometime during the process. He could ask details about what exactly im doing and insist that i stop. I couldnt even give my potential backers an anticipated completion date.