Looks like this isnt progressing any further

Sadly this seems to have fallen flat (feel ive typed these words quite a lot). Last i heard from gallery man he was waiting to hear back from his contact- which he said wasnt a good sign- and since then it has all been quiet. I will send him one last email today, but if that gets no response then i have to reconsider my options.

In retrospect it was really stupid to tell Granddad of the progress i thought id made (again, words i have typed too often). I should have waited until i had something more substantial to show for my efforts. But at the time it really seemed like this was heading in the right direction.

It's hard to gauge how much more money i should throw at this. Of course, if i stop investing then the project ends. The last round of books i sent out cost close to 500. I have saved a bit these last couple of months, so i can afford to do it again, but.... i have some hesitation. Perhaps im lacking the entrepreneurial initiative.