Maybe this is going nowhere

So I spoke to the man from the gallery over the phone. We chatted for over half an hour and he sounded really enthusiastic about it all. He watched my minifilm twice, and he really liked the artwork. He said we would need to test the commercial viability of Granddad's artwork at a smaller gallery, and he had a couple of suggestions. He even offered to orchestrate an introduction to the respective curators of the galleries he suggested. However, he also suggested that i shouldnt mention any of this to Granddad yet, as he didnt want to get his hopes up in the event that nothing materialised. He said the market for British abstract art was very flat right now, with even established artists struggling to make sales. He said the market had moved on, and before he could offer me any further help, he would need to see further examples of Granddad's work so he could assess the potential.

And so I sent him 40 or so more pictures via dropbox, as he suggested. This was over 4 weeks ago, but I havent heard anything back from him since. I have sent a couple of follow up emails and he hasnt responded to those too. Perhaps he has lost interest, which is rather gutting, as i havent heard anything back from anyone else. Presumably he saw the other pictures and didnt think they were up to the standard of the ones in the book, which may well be true. Upon reflection it was really stupid of me to have told Granddad about all this before we had any concrete interest, although that is what i thought I had. Not really sure what to do now. He was so happy at hearing this gallery was interested in his work that im dreading telling him that is no longer the case.

It's looking like my only remaining option is kickstarter, which after this brief high of thinking we had a partner gallery is really quite disappointing. Oh well