Project seems to have died

So i think this whole thing is going nowhere. Havent heard from Gallery man in a long time. Nobody left to chase up. Out of options. Out of steam.

The truth is i could never make this my sole focus of attention, and im a bit upset with myself about that. I havent made any fresh effort for a long time, and I think it's just beyond me. Was enjoyable trying though and i appreciate all the words of encouragement I had from people. 

I am, however, relatively pleased with the short film. Not for production values, obviously, but everyone in the family really liked it, and it was such a pleasure getting to know him before it's too late. I dont suppose many of us have this same chance with our grandparents, and i feel so lucky to have taken it. So im gutted it hasnt gone anywhere, but also hoping the act of talking me through his life and experiences has alleviated some the stresses and pressures he's been suffering- so that he doesnt feel his death marks a complete erasure of everything he worked for, and that it all lives on a bit in what he has told me. 

My only regret is that i told him of the initial interest i had, which seemed so promising at the time that i couldnt keep it to myself. For a short while i really thought this was going to happen. I guess trying and failing is fine, but it would have been much better to keep it to myself.