Regained email access

Just a small update that after much wrangling and stress i finally got access to my emails. I am of course delighted. The downside is that nobody has written back, but at least i know they havent written back. Not knowing was driving me insane.

I did a lot of guessing and wrote to all the people i might have emailed recently asking them to confirm the subject and date of any emails i sent them, so that i could more accurately complete the validation form. This didnt actually work very well as about 50% of people wouldnt write back, which was very frustrating. Eventually i got onto Microsoft, who at first were very unhelpful. They kept repeating the same line- that being that unless i can answer all the security information correctly then there's nothing they can do. I was certain this was a protocol they werent prepared to break, but after a dozen or so email exchanges they sent me a password reset link. Such a relief.

I have a few more books ordered and they will get posted out as soon as my mum has time. Really very pleased with how they look. Sadly i dont have any pictures. After that all i can do is wait, as im starting a job next week so visits to England are not going to be very realistic in the near future. If none of this works out, then i guess i turn to the Kickstarter. I dont think that will require too much work as i did the text ages ago, the documentary is already finished, and all i really need to do is make a 3 minute edit as a promo video and figure out how i ought to price the prints and things.

We have made contact with two people, however. One person simply confirmed that they had received my parcel, and that the recipient is away on business travel so it might take a while for him to get back to me. The other person said the book had been given to a panel of decision makers. Apparently they dont do this for the vast majority of work they get sent, so that is at least a good sign.