Second response!

I have another response!

It's from the international senior director of a leading London gallery. He wants to meet me for coffee to discuss Granddad's work and my expectations. He also wants to see the work physically. Im really excited.

It's no small gallery. It's quite a big name. They have other spaces in New York and Los Angeles.

This response comes from a book i sent out almost 2 months ago, so i guess just because people havent written back yet doesnt mean they wont. And half the books only got sent out a couple of weeks ago, so there may yet still be more interest to come.

Shame im somewhat rooted here with work. Getting time off wont be easy. Nor will telling Granddad that someone has to come to his flat. He wont be happy about that at all, but i dont think he would block it on grounds that this might be his last chance to do what Grandma had always wanted. I have some hope that he will be inwardly quite pleased, and perhaps even relieved.

Im hoping when i meet this guy he doesnt just want a quickfire show and sell. That's not what this is about. Id rather give the paintings to the right people than have them gather dust in a private collection.

There have been so many times with this project where my spirits have been really low. I really believe in this- in the artwork and the story behind it much more than in my ability to deliver it- and especially recently with the cashflow problems and running out of ideas (besides kickstarter, which i really hoped would be a last resort). And so im elated to have something resembling a real interest.

Im probably getting a bit carried away, and hope my excitement isnt premature. I will calm myself down a bit before i send a response. I know what i want to happen, but im equally realistic that compromises will have to be made. He might only like those few paintings i put in the book. or he might not like them at all when he sees them physically. I have to be realistic that this is only initial, early stages interest. But... im still buzzing.