Things to consider about the book....

- I have no aesthetic creativity, so when i say im happy with the results, i mean this in consideration of my lack of talent. Obviously it would look better had a pro been in charge.

- This is only a promo book. The actual book i produce will be much much longer, bigger and better.

- I could exercise very little creativity with regards page decoration etc. The programs i had to use were quite limiting. All i could do is write text and place pictures.

- The book measures 18cm x 18cm, has high quality, thick matte paper throughout, and the cover has a hint of gloss. It's paperback. Yes hardback would have been better, but that would have added 30% to the production costs and i simply couldnt afford it.

- The first two images are front covers. I decided to make two versions because some galleries im writing to have received more than one copy (one for the director and one for the chief curator), and i wanted each person to have a different book.